My sore throat did not stop me from screaming in the top of voice, words of encouragement floated through the air. Our school ground was temporarily looking like an international stadium, nevertheless it was actually a football competition between several house groups.

I was filled with enthusiasm, as my house team won in the match (It was a loser’s match, though).  By the time, the finals were over, we had gone through a burning sun, a very wet rain and a damp weather and in fact my friend who actually had a stomach ache in the start was cheering madly, her stomach ache fled with the soggy wind.

A few days later, the girls were far more excited. It was the kabaddi competition and I was a participant. I did not much fancy sports, but something about kabaddi urged me to play. The day was filled with hues and cries. But sure enough, our team was rather weak in the play, Draped in sweat and mud, I almost looked like a run-away zombie.

The long day was finally over, with my team successfully losing the match, but I truly enjoyed the spirit of the game. I was dog-tired. I noticed this right after I stepped down from the game, I also realized that the day was the hottest after a long time of cold weather.

Coming home fatigued by the game I fell down asleep as fast as a wink.

Next day was thank fully a holiday. We quite deserved it after the sunny games day. The day was as hot as the last.

Unable to bear the day any longer, I asked mummy to make something nice and cold, like a juice? “There’s no sugar at home, I am afraid. Will you go and buy some.” She inquired. I was completely outraged. Here, I was standing sweaty and tired, and she wants me to buy something from the shop in this heat?  “So you did not feel the heat last day dear?” she asked, with arched eyebrows.

I pouted like a fish, trying to think of something sensible to say, but no voice came out, what could I possibly say? I ended up going obediently to the shop and got some sweet sugar.

Beat the heat. The same sun that had come up on the games day, was more like moonlight rather than sunlight.

A little bit of sports man spirit did the magic that no cooling powder, and tan protection cream can do. This truly marvelous experience prevailed my heart in sports. My view of sports that was nothing majestic before, was now something like an energy drink. Though, I would be better in leading an All-India losers association, the fact that I participated in the competition motivated me. My guts tingled at the thought of another game.






A few days of reading Greek mythological thriller novels, I seemed to notice more things around, among which the dryads (tree spirits) and naiads (water spirits) greatly influenced my attention.

Every time a tree caught my sight I anxiously waited for one of the spirit ladies with green flame frolicking in their eyes to come pouring out of the tree. Unfortunately, that did not happen. As for my home, their might have been a few mango spirits, a neem and maybe some coconut spirits (though I have never heard of coconut spirits) that might have stirred with a little more pleading before my mom called me inside from the wilderness of the twilight lit garden.

She was really annoyed by the way I drank water from a glass jug, carefully avoiding swallowing any naiads. I tried my best to control the water just like Percy Jackson did in the adventure book, but I ended up breaking a glass filled with water.

I was also very astounded about the fact that almost all mythologies conveyed the same message, that each natural substance had a spirit within.

Something that I really noticed? Most of us disregard the fact that gods do exist. It do not mean everyone is like that, but some of us.  Great poets and writers hope to put such neglect into words, where we realise the hidden meaning of all the legends. Looking upon all of them, we can get only one soul meaning – that gods do exist everywhere to watch upon us and to support us when we are wrong. The holy books and beliefs urge us to do our part as humans, helping our surroundings and loving and caring for our dear ones.

Be it Greek or Hindu, Bible or Quran, the essence is the same. God is something inside us, someone or something that pushes us to our extents. As the famous word goes, ‘thathwamasi’, the god is within you.

All of these thoughts struck slowly through my mind, as I was sitting beside the laptop screen reading through my favourite novel, Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Mom couldn’t believe I had thought so much while travelling with Percy through his journey in the book. Though now I had proved her that I can learn so much from a simple novel.

And so, again I entered into the world of Percy to unravel the fun of reading, this time with something more to think about other than dryads and naiads. 😉




I felt my eyes slowly closing shut as soon as I had Lunch. Four more school hours to go and I already felt a merry day-dream poking me to sleep. There was nothing happier than to hear the last bell of a drowsy day. It was a Friday and I had been waiting for this bell from the beginning.

The annoying first bell of Mondays to the pleasant sound of the last bell of Fridays, an impatient lot of students waited in complete suspense of the principal’s decision, heavenly or a dreadful conclusion of whether or not to make Saturday working. And this time it did not turn out pretty good.

To escape from the heart-breaking sorrow of ‘Saturday is a full working day’, I pleaded mom to buy some goodies for dinner. Distracted by the aromatic delicacy, studies was abandoned and I slurped the food up until I could take no more, a bit more of the food was left and mom compelled me to eating it and I gave her ‘my-stomach-will-break-right-now’ look. She answered me with the same dialogue as I had expected, “You tell me to buy more and more and just look at this! You are really infuriating.”

That is when I noticed something strange. First time, I had heard the exact same bell ring every time, terrible when it rang in the morning and wonderful when it was at the evening.  It was so yummy, when I ate this goodie and stomach bursting when mom persisted me for more.

I had never really thought about it before, and only a few might have. I wondered whether I could be another Aristotle or Newton, with the brand new formula of ‘emotion is an action with different reactions in different occasion.’ In simple words, our feelings are different depending upon the time things happen.

In further analysis of my recent objective, I realized that all human beings are professionals in this particular type of behavior. Every aspect of life consists of matter that is one way or the other related to time. Only a man with proper balance of time and emotion can manage such improper conducts. After all we should also be ready to use the right way at the right moment.

I eagerly hope that one day one of my serious tests on people’s character would bring fame to the maker ;);).








The sudden long onam vacation followed by the heavy torrents of rain and the disastrous floods was rather disappointing, but looking upon the brighter side, my house was brimming with fun and joy. The arrival of my cousins casted a magical happiness at our house. Then there was no time to hate or regret the recent misfortunes. Between the festivities of onam, guests and family friends poured in and out of my house.

Though the state mourned for all the people who were distressed during the floods, almost everyone regained their old customs by the harvest festival. People were full of activity once again, putting up flowers in beautiful patterns, having goodies, shopping for dresses and many more.

I too was totally enjoying the vacation. I was very happy to be part of the age-old traditions put forward by the generations that came. King Mahabali was once again heartily welcomed by the people joined by others who worked abroad or were not able to be always at home.

The busy days of onam did not award me an opportunity of reasoning any thoughts that were lying untouched on the minds of the people. Onam is the festival of Kerala, but only a few of us might have thought about the real significance of this carnival.

I was one among the people to enjoy the reunion of kin and love.  I comprehended different things. Broken family relationships are healed through such commemorations. The satisfaction of treating others with contentment and love is one of the least subjects observed by today’s world and Onam creates a dais, on which people can enjoy this essence of the world. Today, after the revelries, I thoughts about it quite well.

Then once again I was back to the same routine, where work and education is bestowed reputation. But that did not create a nature of sadness, following the daily activities I looked forward for the next get-together of onam where people joined together.

Though there were no vital celebrations of Onam in Kerala, the importance was given once again for the reunion of family. This was more particularly observed in recovery camps where all the people irrespective of their origin celebrated Onam with open hearts. I heartily expect the revival of Kerala, and overlook for the next onam where once again fun and bliss will be staged.





You started with a couple of drops,

Making the fields fill with golden crops.

Then you turned into a sprinkle,

The joy spread like a twinkle.

Then you changed into small-mighty beads,

Fulfilling the people’s deeds.


But oh Rain! Then you tricked us!

Heavy drops pounded on us,

The streets filled with water,

The people were scared and faltered.


Water everywhere,

Houses, buildings, shops and rivers.

Uncontrollable rains and gushes of air,

Over the town and the cities.


Nature lost its normality,

People lost their formality.


Only when this happened,

Did people remember what they had achieved,

All those years,

When we were polluting nature dear.


Nature’s fury cannot be stopped,

But certainly can be prevented.

Remember the old saying, pure,

‘Prevention is better than cure.’


‘Together’ is the word,

That can surely save the world.

So together we’ll do this job

Curing the ill and saving the globe.




The tiny peck-peck sound on the coconut tree captured my attention. On the bark of the tree stood a giant beak- or so I thought- it was the huge bill of a beautiful little bird – the Giant horn-bill, I was captivated by this little creature, though the name was mighty enough to scare the life out of children.

It wasn’t the pecking that fascinated me, the little bird was trying to cover his nest with whatnot – now that wasn’t a clever thing to do. The horn-bill looked around and spotted me staring at him. Without another thought it flew away towards the setting sun and that was enough to leave me baffled. The giant horn-bill was considered the state bird because it covered its nest with mud? Well! Don’t be wrong the answer is yes!!!

I dwelled into the shadows of the trees behind me so that the bill would return. And it did. It carried out the routine of checking that the coast was clear and then lodged beneath the nest on the bark of the tree. Then, the next thing took my breath away, I could hear muffled voices of birds from inside the bark. I hurriedly grabbed a stone and aimed at the bird who was still closely examining the partly mud covered nest.

But my sudden upsurge was drowned as I watched the bill give a crumb of food to the mother’s mouth. The drizzling of rain did not stop the father bird from flying away to get food for his family. The drizzle turned into raining cats and dogs but yet the bird was flying to and fro providing food for his family.

This continued for a few days until I noticed a creaking sounds on the bark of the tree, it was the father bird clearing away the mud. Mother and the children hopped out merrily melted by the bright and beautiful day.

This whole episode left me awestruck. What a love for the family. And what if by chance the father bird wouldn’t return? Yes, the mother and children would die with starvation. Such was the affection and trust that these birds passed on generation after generation

This love is seen not only in horn-bills, but in all the true children of mother earth. Fathers work hard to be the guide for the family’s contentment and rejoice. And obviously this is the reason behind declaring the bird as the state symbol of love and faith in the god’s own country.






Reading seemed a big burden to me when I was small. Why read another book while we were having enough to read at school? I thought. Short novels like Famous Five were the only books I read when I was in Grade 6 and 7. I used to walk with pride announcing the achievement of reading a 100 page book at home, taking it as an accomplishment or in fact as a risky challenge.

Grade 8 brought through me, the discovery of the fun of reading. I passed through the threshold of the world of books and they were suddenly one of my top priority in life. This change was not a hasty impulse. As the new school year of grade 8 came in, the classes were shuffled up and to my surprise all my old friends had been shifted into different classes. All the students in my class were new faces and I felt as if a limit line was separating me from the others.

That is when I realized that the girl who had been creating examples all along among the students was present in my class. In the earlier classes I had heard about this so-called girl who was the most studious student in our whole grade. I admired her with open mouth on the first day of Grade 8. I expected her to be a very arrogant, stubborn girl but to my utter astonishment found out that she was as simple as could be.

As days went we joined together as friends. We became more intimate, as we started sharing our things with each other. That is when she introduced me to the world of books, starting with her maddening sickness of Harry Potter to almost all she knew about books, I too travelled with her, uncovering the untold fun of reading.

Today, in grade 9, I still pursue reading books, which has led me into starting my own blog. I bestow my hearty thanks to you my dear friend for inspiring me and letting me know the true worth of friendship. THANK YOU.

Big hugs for Athira c, my classmate and more over my dearest friend, who I was talking about in this short piece of my life.

Today as a couple of days before the friendship day, I thank all of you my dear friends. You mean the fun in me.