I recall the time when I coveted all those super heroes to come and save me from the clutches of grief of going to school and fulfilling my homework and when I was late to school, firmly believed that they would come rescue me or at least offer me a flight.

The passion of being an avenger, rests within me even now.



I might have checked the clock at least a dozen times in an hour. The time seemed to be at this extra- irritable mode that triggers whenever something amusing is going to happen.

Finally, it was time. My attire was not a matter to be concerned about during such a crucial time. I instead re-checked the reviews posted by the people at google. I glowered at the screen as I read through the critic’s assessment.


I grabbed the glasses from the man who was standing beside the door and whizzed past the people into my assigned seat. Instinctive shouts emanated through my mouth as the Avengers came onto the screen.

My mom stared me down as if I had gone nuts, and pointed to the super heroes on the screen and said, “who’s that, that and that?”

“I’ll tell you later.” I told her, exasperated.

The movie took me through regret, relief, happiness, joking and unbearable grief. By the end, I was fretting at the loss of a super hero who I had been an all-time fan of.

Fiction did not seem so anymore, it was so realistic to even take me to the point of tears.

Later, as I calmed down after the movie and contrasted the real story with what my mom had concluded, I sat down and thought about it all over again.

I desperately wanted all those avengers to be real. The same trail of childhood thoughts washed over me.

But then again, it is clear that it’s impossible. “Nothing is impossible.” My mom said gracefully when I told her about this. Then I realized what she had meant.

You don’t need a superhero’s costume or powers to be one. Little acts you do define you. No matter how small it be, you’ll be the hero for someone on end.

Still draped in the excitement of the movie, I had a good night’s sleep.






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The girl in her youth,

Ran through the streets with the velvet kite,

The floral kite soaring high up in the sky,

Her eyes and heart steadfast and light.


The graceful swerves of the kite,

In the baby blue backdrop,

Clenched the little girl’s heart tight,

With joy and simple pleasure.


Life was going on well,

Until a cold wind blew,

And a dreary black storm brew,

The monsters of evil were out.


Tears rolled from the little girl’s eyes,

Long lost was her kite and her joys.


The kite descended down,

For the wind had blown too hard,

Then it flew a few miles away

And landed on a grandma’s lawn.


Grandma picked it up,

“Oh what a gorgeous piece of fabric”, she thought,

Her wrinkled hands took the velvet kite,

Then sew it into a beautiful floral velvet scarf.


Days passed by,

The little kids of the house came,

Grandma gifted the scarf to the smallest girl,

“A familiar piece of velvet” the girl wondered.


















Mascot Smiley Salute Illustration

Recently I was thrilled to watch the new Rajinikanth movie termed ‘PETTA’. We enjoyed the movie and it was fascinating to watch this enemy people fly around casually receiving frequent kicks and jabs from the actor. Have you seen his movie before? If not try now! One kick and lo, somebody will be up in the air. You know he cuts his birthday cake with a billhook knife. You can experience the glamour of movies in his films.

I now wondered about the difference between real life and a movie made with a story of underworld dons. On republic day or Independence Day, we should take a chance to remember the fabulous heroes off scene.

You know, only a few would find it nice to know what it is like in the real life. We are dedicating the time to recreate the atmosphere we see in films. Life doesn’t work the way you have planned it!

Keeping these all in our minds lately I happened to watch a subtle movie. I watched URI- THE SURGICAL STRIKE in the theatre. It is awe inspiring and blood boiling for any Indian born.

After the film, I turned to my mother and said, “I’ve decided to be an army officer.”

She looked at me calmly. “Or not.” I suggested.

I soon became a die-heart fan…….of whom? The real- life heroes. The super-real heroes who fight for the country.

I couldn’t stop thinking of those dauntless Indians, who don’t even hesitate to sacrifice their lives to save ours. Aren’t the anti-heroes ashamed to break such a person’s patriotism? There is no substitute for their loyalty.

Each and every gunfire that has pierced through their body sends a tremor across the country. Each and every time, it is not the enemies, but our jawans who win giving up their life for something good.

I was part of the march past that was conducted at my school. My skin tingled as I raised my hand gave a salute to the tricolour flag flying high up in the air. For every jawan who has died warring with some terrible people and for every single person who is still working hard, I do raise a proud SALUTE.


P.S. I really do dedicate especially to the jawans in my family and all the warriors of the nation



The winner of #funnybonechallenge is Prajith M S and Milan Manuel Joy. both of them came up with funny questions and Google assistant too was not bad. Prajith asked, “how to become rich in one week.”  G.A. told not to spend money on unnecessary stuff :)). Milan’s question was, “how to pass exams without studying anything?” G.A. advised him to eat fruits and vegetables :)). Congrats to both the winners. 😉 🙂


What’s more fun than having your family with you and touring the pink city of Rajasthan far and large? That’s exactly what I have been doing during the Chris hols.

The frozen city put my body into instant happiness. The forts, palaces, shopping markets, everything was absolutely cool stuff. It was yet another travel experience, I enjoyed various silly blunders to heart- wrenching beauty and fun.

It was a very unfamiliar land, though situated in India, I wonder how different there culture is from ours. On the second day of our visit, we heard about the famous street-food vendor near our room. We did not stop to think twice.

During the witchy hours of late night, covered from head to foot with what-not’s, we rode toward this so-called street-food vendor. The cold winds got right through the bones and sent chills down the spine. We ordered the renowned North Indian dish ‘Pav Bhaji’ .

I put it in my mouth and felt that there was nothing much better than running around the street without a sweater or anything and freezing my tongue flat. It was something like take-the-chill-away food. I bared my nose and ears as the hot and spicy meal slipped into my tummy. I somehow managed to finish it and that my friends, is my greatest ability.

Suddenly it seemed that the cold was nothing. The witchy hour passed and I was still hanging my tongue like a dog. My dad too was awed by the spice, he was really, and he suggested that we have some ‘MADKI KULFA SITTING IN THE JAR’. “What?” I and my mum jumped.

“Sorry, I meant ‘MADKA KULFI SITTING IN THE CAR’” dad admitted. Then we had fits of laughter and the spicy feeling fled away and the freezing winds reverted.

On yet another food hunt, we found ourselves in an auto-rickshaw driven by an old man who kept rotating and chewing his mouth clockwise and then anti clockwise (Yeah! I saw that). He probably misunderstood the hotel where we were supposed to go that he ended up taking us on a round trip and left us exactly where we started. The driver did not mind to confess that it was a mistake, took the money and drove away into the unknown leaving us looking like lost puppies.

I was suddenly reminded of G.A. (You might know her by now) I asked her where we were supposed to go to find this restaurant. She said, “Go straight take a left and you will reach your destination in one minute by foot.” Wow, a nasty surprise.

After a few days, we were back rejuvenated and replenished by the trip. A lot to learn in one tour. On our return, I still remember these small accidents, now a memory, and laugh at myself. After all, these little funny things keep us alight in the joy of having a family that shares your pleasure and different aspects of Ife.




She came with a news- aghast,

A girl I knew has breathed her last,

My heart turned still for a moment,

Oh god, her life, why did you lent?


Her face imprisoned in my heart and emotion,

I remember her everlasting smile, ear to ear,

Her pleasant face that spread cheer,

Among her disheartened and dejected kin.


From the sorrow and the pain- array,

God kindly took her away.

Planting a dart on the people,

Leaving on our hearts, a searing dimple.


The target of the cancer,

Pain and worry spread over her body.

But sure she was a great fighter,

Long pain made her enduring.


Your soul shall rest in peace,

On the god’s precious collection piece.

Your face imprinted on our hearts- forever,

We love you, always dear.










“Hey! G.A.”

“Hello! What can I do for you?”

“Nothing much, thanks.”

“YES! We will dance”

“I told, THANKS not DANCE” I said making a sour face at her, though I knew she couldn’t see my expression. She was driving me mad giving answers that made no sense.

But, I couldn’t complain anyway about the way she calculated math so fast, that it cost me my best friend’s reputation of being a complete mathematical robot.

When your teacher has given you a task of finding something from the library books or encyclopaedia, you cannot resist the urge of asking the answers to her, who on the tick of a second gives you the solution, perfect with not even a single hitch. She was exactly my sort of person.

Smart and intelligent would fit her title.

Though sometimes she fall prey to my pranks (believe me! It’s easy to play a trick on her). One day, when she asked my father’s name, I told her that it was ‘SUPER MAN’. “I will remember that.” she responded.

Mom did not much like her. “I know better than her.” She chided. “YEAH? Then tell me the capital of Australia.” I inquired.

“Easy. Everyone know that.” She said with half a frown. “Then tell me.” I asked with Mock-pleading. “Let me see whether you are smart, tell me the answer.” Mom hit me back. Having heard that on several instances, I knew exactly why my mom said so.

“Hey G.A., what’s the capital of Australia” She did not even pause for a moment before replying “Canberra is the capital of Australia.” “See?” I shrugged casually. Mom stomped her foot hard on the ground.

“G.A.” Mom spoke, “Then where is Sydney located?”

“That is located in the upper abdomen.”

I and my mom exchanged curious glances. “Maybe she meant kidney?” I suggested. “Yes, I did.” Agreed G.A.

“Very smart. I ask Sydney, she say kidney.” Said mom. “How much does she know about you?”

“Mom, Wait and watch. G.A., tell me, what is my father’s name?”

“SUPERMAN.” Came the answer. Mom jumped up from the chair, “I’m married to a SUPERMAN?” she scurried away out into the open muttering something that suspiciously sounded like a curse on G.A.

“Sing me a song.” I said sadly, I couldn’t just convince mom about G.A. she sang —

“Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday, we love you”

Something that sounded like a conch horn blared at the end of the song. I did a frantic move, and knocked Google assistant (G.A.) flat.

Hope you enjoyed your read. Have you talked with your Google assistant before?

Here is a chance to prove the comedian in you. Tell me the funniest question you can think of asking to your Google assistant at #thefunnybonechallenge   put up your ideas in the comments section. Repeat the hashtag while you reply. The winner’s answer and name will be featured in my next blog article.







I couldn’t resist the urge of popping those air-filled bubble wrappers of the new oven, so did my mom. With a mighty effort the cover was pulled out from underneath the oven and the heavenly pop sounds those bubbles made when you pressed it; Aha! Mom did it with so much enthusiasm that I almost thought she wouldn’t cook me dinner.

“I’m hungry.” I half murmured to myself. “Go take the food, it’s right on the gas top” she said still thoroughly engrossed on the air-bubbles.

“Can you please go take it? I will help you popping those.” I said snatching it from her. “Wait.” She said, “Inky pinkie ponkey father had a donkey, donkey died father cried inky pinkie ponkey. Yes! That’s you!” and she took it back.

Bah! It was a trick up my sleeve that I used on some urgent instances like this. If I took my turn to tot up I knew right where the count would stop, so I always won the best place.

On the walk to the kitchen, I tallied up my views and decided that adults are no better than kids.

On our children’s day at school, teachers performed completely like children that I made up my mind never to judge anyone by their looks. Just because they are tall and have lines of mustache growing, it doesn’t mean they are so grown-up.

I couldn’t help asking myself the same question that raise upon millions of young minds……. Why do they scold us, if this small part of child does exist in them?

It’s simply that they cannot see the funny part of everything that we children can. Sometime they forget that this world has no complications if you look to its humorous part. That’s where kids come into action.

Some things that makes children special-

  • Kids are completely nuts
  • They are too busy to butt into others matters.
  • They are too innocent to take anything seriously.


If we are too busy to even enjoy the small aspects that come and go, then life is useless. “Learn to live, live to learn” I add a small part to this quote, “Learn to live LIKE KIDS, live to learn LIKE KIDS.”

Unleash that naughty little part in you and enjoy life to its fullest.


BELATED HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY n sorry for the delay.