One of the frequently visited places include the dentist’s. The long drawn wait for the doctor is almost immediately utilised by my long lost imagination. On a regular busy day at the clinic while expecting the doctor my thoughts wandered into the clinic gardens which were fully occupied by different species of animals involved in their own antics. I caught sight of a bird almost bursting out trying to communicate with the other members of its tribe.

Just like a stroke of lightning an imaginary world unfolded in front of my eyes. Suddenly it seemed to me as if the people had converted into all sorts of animals.

I presumed……..

The squirrels were busy blabbering to each other about how difficult it is to maintain an ever-growing tooth. The birds confused and disapproving at the sight of the signboard newly painted with the words, ‘NO TEETH, NO SEAT’ at the threshold of the clinic. It is rather tough for the roosters who instead of their cock-a-doodles say ‘good morning everyone’ in a sing song voice.

The currently moved in mongoose captured my attention. The beautiful set of teeth of the animal reminded me of the age old practise of disposing the plucked tooth by pleading the so called mongoose to give one of its pretty teeth. Though I had faith in the ancestral practise the result was entirely the opposite of what I had asked for. Thanks to the animal, I have got a nice place to visit every month. The animal moved out with an enormous smile, certainly making the others jealous.

The chime of the nearby clock tower brought me back my senses. The time slipped away too soon as I shared my thoughts to my mother who always encourages my weird thoughts.

My turn is nearing and the illusion animal kingdom had to be obstructed.






6 replies on “MY ILLUSION KINGDOM”

You have given a lot of thought into this one, Shreya. You sure are nature’s ambassador – their mouthpiece and translator. The ritual of the mangoos is news to me and probably will be for many living in the ‘tooth fairy’ gen.
Good one.. keep them coming girl!

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