The vacation was the lone solution for the everlasting term-end examination. All my classmates including me were equally anxious for the term end that we squandered our time planning our holiday rather than scheduling the exam time table.

At last the last day came and the entire school was on chaos. The last school bell rang and the children were running helter-skelter to home. I came home and settled peacefully on the sofa which was supposed to be the thing over which I spent most of my hols reading and writing.

The suddenly vacant timetables made me content. No school, no homework, no exams…..I slept until the sun touched my toes, I read until my eyes hurt, I sang ’til my throat was sore, I wandered until the twilight came. I enjoyed the chirping of birds, mooing of the cows and the gentle sways of the plants (these all which I hadn’t noticed during working days). I relished the hols as anybody would.

After about 2 weeks, the emptiness in my timetable started taking toll of my mood. I started feeling quite disturbed due to the absence of my friends. Gradually I started realising the impact of my school in my life. There is nothing that can replace the school days- I thought to myself. The fun at school cannot be substituted by the holidays-nothing can.

The home works and assignments had kept away the idleness within me. I thoroughly crave for the company of my friends who are real mood turners. I mostly miss my teachers who never fail to give home works. Today, more than ever I yearn for the reopening of my second home.

The knowledge, values, social awareness, friendliness……………I miss them all.

I stare into the blank, cloudless sky, turning blue as twilight approaches and now eagerly wait for the school to open again which would let me fly high to the top. I am zealously waiting for the first bell.




12 replies on “FIRST BELL”

Again a mind blowing one.Dear sister…… i have a suggestion,if you don’t mind it will be more interesting when you work on social issues…All the best👍

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Routines keep you on the pace of life without having to steer from the path of regularity. But it is good to take a break, break from the monotony and relax, until you are ready to go back and hear the first bell, yet again! Good one, Shreya, very well expressed.

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