My ginger cat seems to have had nothing to eat during the past week. He looks weak and skinny and his shiny golden fur had turned into a colorless cream. He meows sadly staring at me with his tired eyes. I rush up to the kitchen and provide him with a glass of milk.

As he laps up the milk gratefully I wonder about instances where I could no longer bear my appetite. Hunger is dreadful. I leave my thoughts behind as I involve in various chores of the day.

That evening I walk through the garden with no particular intention. My father joins me in my walk. I point at Ginger lying down on the grass sleepily looking at me and say “He did not come for a week” to my father.

After a long moment of deep silence he asks, “Do you know when the happiest moment of a human’s life is? “When a person can stay with a person for whom he loves and cares for the most.” I say to him carefully choosing my words. “Well! Not exactly!” he throw an arm around my shoulder and continue, “The most delightful moment in a person’s life is when he gets the thing that each one of us is living for. FOOD. To subside away hunger.”

These words are enough for me to dwindle away into my own world of thoughts. Hunger! A child, a man, birds, animals………all of them are having food to live and living to have food. A source of sustenance for us all. We earn money for making food to contain our hunger. And do all of us get enough food to eat?

I am lucky, to have the food that I ask for. I am blessed to be part of a country that faces no problems in providing food for us. I am fortunate to be a human who can eat food as much as I wish to.

So what about the children who die every day without a grain to eat? What about children who suffer malnutrition? What about people who die of unhygienic food? A flash of innocent faces pass through my mind.

We sit here, having party and having excess food, wasting the food we are provided not even caring a little about the people who die each day out of hunger. We sit here listening to the political parties who promises to yield a better future for the people. And yet again we forget those innocent faces who are wistfully waiting for a piece of bread to eat, a drop of water to drink and to live.

I will try to use the best version of myself as not to waste anymore of the most valuable source of living. I swear to eat only up to how much I ought to take rather than throwing away the food. I wish through these steps I can give those happiest moments of life to at least some children who hardly make the two ends meet.




21 replies on “HUNGER GAMES”

Dear Situ,
After reading your short story it came to my mind the following famous quote of Roger Bannister. Therefore good for survival or good for enjoyment is in question. Keep going like a gazelle….

“Every morning in Africa a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must move  faster than the lion or it will not survive. Every morning a lion wakes up and it knows it must move faster than the slowest gazelle or it will starve. “


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