My spirits rise whenever I think of travelling on a plane. The fact that I am about to be high above the clouds makes my heart race. When my dad and mom decided that we go on a trip on the plane I was super excited.

The time is flying because I felt as if it was the next moment I was sitting on the plane. As the pilot started the plane circling widely around the runway, I hastily grabbed some cotton and placed it on my ears. The rest of the things going on in the plane including the safety instructions and the pilot intro muffled away.

 I focused my eyes at the busy airport carefully observing each and every person working for our safe ride to our destinations. Most of them were women and I was glad of it.

As the plane approached the main runway my heart leapt out from the ribs. I supported my hands on the armrest and lo, the plane jumped up into the air and I missed several of my heart beats. “Slight turbulence expected as the cloudy weather continue, buckle your seatbelts throughout your journey.” Says the co-pilot. Oh no! Turbulence! It may seem as if we are travelling on the evergreen Indian road transport bus. I was scared, everything goes for the pilot now and I prayed earnestly to god to make it a safe journey to our destination.

We landed safe. I was waiting to say a thank you and a wave for the pilot (though I did not hear what the name was). As we disembarked slowly I caught sight of a woman standing with a pilot’s cap on her head. It took a few seconds to realise that she was the pilot. A lady pilot? Whoa! I continued with my wave and words of thanks. Seeing my wave she tilted her head to one side and gave a wide grin. In my mind I felt a deep sense of respect towards her.

Recalling my views from the airport and the flight, I felt proud and happy to see more women ready to take risk just like the men. Inferiority and prejudice towards them is just a stream of people who do not trust the value of their fellow humans.

Moreover it is not the physical ability of a person that define them, it is their will power. I see the same in all the adventurous ladies who take up manly responsibilities all around the world.




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Amazing Shreya. Your way of description reminds me of the well known Indian writer R. K Narayan. Keep writing dear. God bless you with the abundance of His wisdom.

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