My brains wrecked with matter, particles, solids, liquids and gases. My head was whirling with all the knowledge that I had gained from reading the Chemistry book. The most annoying thing was that, the fun and interest that I had discovered while reading Harry Potter or Percy Jackson has never been found while reading Chemistry or History.

I was most overwhelmed by the state of matter called gas. They had their particles moving freely around without any medium to guide them. I was sure that the liquids and especially the solids would be scornful of this property of gas. I wondered, ‘What if all the children were like the particles of the gaseous state of matter?’

As usual my mom came with an apt answer for my doubt. I listened with rapt attention as she narrated a beautiful story featuring my doubts,

“There was a boy who enjoyed most of his time in making kites and flying them in the evening sky. He was happy and proud to watch his handmade kites fly high over the horizon. One day he made the loveliest kite that was perfectly woven with floating ribbons and gorgeously edged with colors matching the bright orange sky. He flew the kite to the top, as the other children watched his kite swaying merrily in the sky.”

She continued, “The kite however soon realized the attention it was receiving from the children around. ‘Let me go higher, let me go higher’ it shouted at the boy. The child held the kite firmly in his tiny hands. The kite soon made friends with a bird on its way home. ‘Dear bird, please cut me off from this hateful thread, it does not allow me to fly high.’ The bird obediently cut the thread away with its sharp beak. ‘Thank you little bird’ said the kite and flew higher into the sky without another word. The boy broke into tears as he saw the kite fly away dotted white among the flock of birds.”

“As soon as it got a little higher, the kite started falling down in great speed floating in mid-air, ‘help, help’ he yelled, but there were no one to help. The kite finally landed over a drain and soaked in the dirty water and ended up in a heap of garbage.”

As soon as mother related the story, I was left in a daze of my own, I realised what she had meant. The child resembled the parents and teachers, while the kite the children, the thread worked like the control our parents and teachers have over us. We may want to break free from the thread and fly higher into the sky, but the truth is, we can reach over there only with the guidance of the thread.

As I returned back to the Chemistry book I was reading, I felt that the liquid state was better than air or solid, because liquid had intermediate space between them, the space where the right thoughts has to be stored. 😉





31 replies on “CHEM-MYSTERY”

Dear Situ,
Very well written. The absolute metaphor of the kite and thread is very apt.
Continue the good work..


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