The sudden long onam vacation followed by the heavy torrents of rain and the disastrous floods was rather disappointing, but looking upon the brighter side, my house was brimming with fun and joy. The arrival of my cousins casted a magical happiness at our house. Then there was no time to hate or regret the recent misfortunes. Between the festivities of onam, guests and family friends poured in and out of my house.

Though the state mourned for all the people who were distressed during the floods, almost everyone regained their old customs by the harvest festival. People were full of activity once again, putting up flowers in beautiful patterns, having goodies, shopping for dresses and many more.

I too was totally enjoying the vacation. I was very happy to be part of the age-old traditions put forward by the generations that came. King Mahabali was once again heartily welcomed by the people joined by others who worked abroad or were not able to be always at home.

The busy days of onam did not award me an opportunity of reasoning any thoughts that were lying untouched on the minds of the people. Onam is the festival of Kerala, but only a few of us might have thought about the real significance of this carnival.

I was one among the people to enjoy the reunion of kin and love.  I comprehended different things. Broken family relationships are healed through such commemorations. The satisfaction of treating others with contentment and love is one of the least subjects observed by today’s world and Onam creates a dais, on which people can enjoy this essence of the world. Today, after the revelries, I thoughts about it quite well.

Then once again I was back to the same routine, where work and education is bestowed reputation. But that did not create a nature of sadness, following the daily activities I looked forward for the next get-together of onam where people joined together.

Though there were no vital celebrations of Onam in Kerala, the importance was given once again for the reunion of family. This was more particularly observed in recovery camps where all the people irrespective of their origin celebrated Onam with open hearts. I heartily expect the revival of Kerala, and overlook for the next onam where once again fun and bliss will be staged.




22 replies on “REUNITING FETE”

Truly aftr we became nuclear families it is such occassions that link us to our extended families. Thanks sreya for the read


നമ്മൾ എല്ലാവരും ഒരു കുടുംബമാണെന്നു മനസ്സിലാക്കാൻ ഇതുപോലൊരു ദുരന്തം വരേണ്ടിവന്നു. എന്തായാലും ഓണം എന്നാൽ മലയാളിക്ക് ആഘോഷം എന്നതിനപ്പുറം ഒരു ആശ്വാസം ആണ്. കർക്കിടകത്തിന്റെ ദോഷങ്ങൾ എല്ലാം ചിങ്ങത്തിൽ മാറും എന്ന ആശ്വാസം.
Anyway, good one shreya.


Ofcourse, this time its not much abt celebrations but abt the reunion of not only families but also the people around us who belongs to different culture, caste and believes,in the relief camps… But the sad factor is, we realised this unity only when a disaster occured.
Anyway, well written shreya…


S. Family is the most important in our life. And when we meet family members who r far away it’s a real treat. May God bless our family. Good one Shreya. Keep on igniting us with such good thoughts.


My dear Shreya,How well you have written!, it is worth reading dear. Congratulations. May God bless abundantly for making note of a positive side of life, when the situation is almost hopeless. Society needs wonderful persons like you, who will instill hope & joy.


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