I felt my eyes slowly closing shut as soon as I had Lunch. Four more school hours to go and I already felt a merry day-dream poking me to sleep. There was nothing happier than to hear the last bell of a drowsy day. It was a Friday and I had been waiting for this bell from the beginning.

The annoying first bell of Mondays to the pleasant sound of the last bell of Fridays, an impatient lot of students waited in complete suspense of the principal’s decision, heavenly or a dreadful conclusion of whether or not to make Saturday working. And this time it did not turn out pretty good.

To escape from the heart-breaking sorrow of ‘Saturday is a full working day’, I pleaded mom to buy some goodies for dinner. Distracted by the aromatic delicacy, studies was abandoned and I slurped the food up until I could take no more, a bit more of the food was left and mom compelled me to eating it and I gave her ‘my-stomach-will-break-right-now’ look. She answered me with the same dialogue as I had expected, “You tell me to buy more and more and just look at this! You are really infuriating.”

That is when I noticed something strange. First time, I had heard the exact same bell ring every time, terrible when it rang in the morning and wonderful when it was at the evening.  It was so yummy, when I ate this goodie and stomach bursting when mom persisted me for more.

I had never really thought about it before, and only a few might have. I wondered whether I could be another Aristotle or Newton, with the brand new formula of ‘emotion is an action with different reactions in different occasion.’ In simple words, our feelings are different depending upon the time things happen.

In further analysis of my recent objective, I realized that all human beings are professionals in this particular type of behavior. Every aspect of life consists of matter that is one way or the other related to time. Only a man with proper balance of time and emotion can manage such improper conducts. After all we should also be ready to use the right way at the right moment.

I eagerly hope that one day one of my serious tests on people’s character would bring fame to the maker ;);).








Good, excellent dear. How nice!!! Day by day, your observation, and the way you write is really praiseworthy. God bless you dear.


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