My sore throat did not stop me from screaming in the top of voice, words of encouragement floated through the air. Our school ground was temporarily looking like an international stadium, nevertheless it was actually a football competition between several house groups.

I was filled with enthusiasm, as my house team won in the match (It was a loser’s match, though).  By the time, the finals were over, we had gone through a burning sun, a very wet rain and a damp weather and in fact my friend who actually had a stomach ache in the start was cheering madly, her stomach ache fled with the soggy wind.

A few days later, the girls were far more excited. It was the kabaddi competition and I was a participant. I did not much fancy sports, but something about kabaddi urged me to play. The day was filled with hues and cries. But sure enough, our team was rather weak in the play, Draped in sweat and mud, I almost looked like a run-away zombie.

The long day was finally over, with my team successfully losing the match, but I truly enjoyed the spirit of the game. I was dog-tired. I noticed this right after I stepped down from the game, I also realized that the day was the hottest after a long time of cold weather.

Coming home fatigued by the game I fell down asleep as fast as a wink.

Next day was thank fully a holiday. We quite deserved it after the sunny games day. The day was as hot as the last.

Unable to bear the day any longer, I asked mummy to make something nice and cold, like a juice? “There’s no sugar at home, I am afraid. Will you go and buy some.” She inquired. I was completely outraged. Here, I was standing sweaty and tired, and she wants me to buy something from the shop in this heat?  “So you did not feel the heat last day dear?” she asked, with arched eyebrows.

I pouted like a fish, trying to think of something sensible to say, but no voice came out, what could I possibly say? I ended up going obediently to the shop and got some sweet sugar.

Beat the heat. The same sun that had come up on the games day, was more like moonlight rather than sunlight.

A little bit of sports man spirit did the magic that no cooling powder, and tan protection cream can do. This truly marvelous experience prevailed my heart in sports. My view of sports that was nothing majestic before, was now something like an energy drink. Though, I would be better in leading an All-India losers association, the fact that I participated in the competition motivated me. My guts tingled at the thought of another game.




32 replies on “BEAT THE HEAT”

Amazing Shreya, well written. Indeed, it is inspiring and worth reading. Excellent, keep it up dear.. Goodnight. May God bless you immensely.


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