Itโ€™s been a long time since I have posted any articles. This time I would like to present something different, it is a poem, but mainly a metaphor. It is the first time I am writing one. Please let me know, what you have learned from this poem and pour your thoughts into your comments. ๐Ÿ™‚


47153968-rendu-3d-de-personne-confuse-et-perdue-trouver-le-chemin-ร -travers-le-labyrinthe-3d-personne-blanche-p.jpg

I wake up in a stretch of maze,

Everywhere quite looks the same,

All around I walk and gaze,

But nothing more than a tricky game.


I never come back where I had left,

Though I wish I could do that.

But the maze shall bend, with respect to my deft,

Where should I go, I shall choose that.


Sometimes a merry choice, but mostly tough.

It doesnโ€™t matter we should get through.

The more you laze, the more it gets rough,

The more you work, more the chance to get through.


The purpose of the game, you should seek,

This is the fact that makes you unique.


The maker of the game, shall give test after test,

To win the game, shall be your quest.


One day, you shall be no more,

But you should put a scar in the maze,

One day, you should be adored,

From the mark your poise should raise.






42 replies on “MAZE RUNNER”

Its all about our life… เดตเดณเดฐเต† เดจเดฒเตเดฒ เด’เดฐเต เดคเดพเดฐเดคเดฎเตเดฏเด‚…


Nice poem. Good comparison with life. Actually our life itself is a maze. We can’t go back where we were the previous moment.


At least you realized in this early age that life is a game and no doubt that we should leave a mark behind, Great Shreya, carry on…..


Indeed, amazing poem shreya. Using metaphors in writing or in speaking is a sign of great intelligence. Verymuch thought_provoking. Life keeps on changing. We will never reach the same point again. So, life is worth living. Live it to the full, with gratitude & awe like a babe.


Keep it up Shreya .Waiting for your new post.What a inspiring poem…..
I am a big fan of yours nowโค๏ธ


Dear Situ,I owe you a comment on your poem Maze Runner. To put it again metaphorically, I remembered your poem while driving thro the abysmal meanderings in Sultanpet, Court Road etc etc and the incident reminded me of commending you on the poem!!! Feel yourself the intense observations that you make for dont allow them to slip thro your fingers. Hold them mull them for your repertoire…
All the very best.
Achu valiyechha


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