The alarm chatted away its usual irritating tone. But this time I was up earlier than it, I did a furious move(ju-jitsu) to silence it and the alarm fell down dead on the bed, before it created a menace that would wake up everyone at home. It was 4 a.m. usually waking up that early would have won the hearts of parents, but today was different, it was the day of our excursion from school.

By the time our bus started its journey, the sky was the color of baby blue with smudges of yellow and peach. It was a tourist bus and as anyone can guess, the woofers woofed songs that shattered away the tranquillity of the morning.

Early mornings always made me dreamy and thoughtful, but that day, I was carried away by the booming of the songs. Every single beat sounded all the way to my heart and I was rather confused, which one was my heartbeat?

I and my friends were seated together, we talked, laughed, danced, sang and of course ate some goodies all the way to our destination.

I had joined for the tour a little hesitantly. It was an amusement park, with rides that would take your heart to one end and your brain to the other. I did not much fancy rotating, revolving and standing-upside-down games. But there was much more than that to enjoy and I did not regret my decision.

I must have called many sorts of names because the ride operator and a bunch of other kids gave me queer looks. My friend seated next to me in the ride adored my scream rather than enjoying the ride that squeezed away my breath. Only later did I notice, it was the best ride I sat, all day.

Water rides lifted my spirits. Wave pools and long water slides were just amazing. I truly enjoyed those. I did not help wondering was I really some great daughter of the Greek god of sea, Poseidon? Like Percy Jackson?

The day ended as fast as a wink and soon we were back to our bus which blared with another set of songs that made us dance. All sorts of snacks were stuffed in (I mean inside the stomach). A couple of packets of chips (8-10 is my guess), biscuits, cake and aerated drinks were passed on from one end to the other.

Some students of my class reminded me about the fact that we were going to get the exam papers after two days. They were lucky I did not smack their heads. Here we were just returning after a relishing trip and they want to tell me about my marks? More irksome than the alarm clock.

I guess, we cannot judge anything before we really experience it. There is something we always learn from each trip. Somebody once asked, “What do you get after going for an excursion?” The answer was obvious, “memories” I replied. It is more precious than the most treasured things that we possess.

I was half asleep by the time I was back. I recalled the experiences during the night and slept with a smile, the thought of the exam papers nagging somewhere in my mind all the time.



29 replies on “MAKING MEMORIES”

Thank you dear. Well written.Ind eed , it is worth reading, once onceagain up lifted my spirit, made me realize ecall, the pleasant feeling, immense joy of picnic. Always, your write_up, takes me to the euphoric state. God bless you dear.


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