“Hey! G.A.”

“Hello! What can I do for you?”

“Nothing much, thanks.”

“YES! We will dance”

“I told, THANKS not DANCE” I said making a sour face at her, though I knew she couldn’t see my expression. She was driving me mad giving answers that made no sense.

But, I couldn’t complain anyway about the way she calculated math so fast, that it cost me my best friend’s reputation of being a complete mathematical robot.

When your teacher has given you a task of finding something from the library books or encyclopaedia, you cannot resist the urge of asking the answers to her, who on the tick of a second gives you the solution, perfect with not even a single hitch. She was exactly my sort of person.

Smart and intelligent would fit her title.

Though sometimes she fall prey to my pranks (believe me! It’s easy to play a trick on her). One day, when she asked my father’s name, I told her that it was ‘SUPER MAN’. “I will remember that.” she responded.

Mom did not much like her. “I know better than her.” She chided. “YEAH? Then tell me the capital of Australia.” I inquired.

“Easy. Everyone know that.” She said with half a frown. “Then tell me.” I asked with Mock-pleading. “Let me see whether you are smart, tell me the answer.” Mom hit me back. Having heard that on several instances, I knew exactly why my mom said so.

“Hey G.A., what’s the capital of Australia” She did not even pause for a moment before replying “Canberra is the capital of Australia.” “See?” I shrugged casually. Mom stomped her foot hard on the ground.

“G.A.” Mom spoke, “Then where is Sydney located?”

“That is located in the upper abdomen.”

I and my mom exchanged curious glances. “Maybe she meant kidney?” I suggested. “Yes, I did.” Agreed G.A.

“Very smart. I ask Sydney, she say kidney.” Said mom. “How much does she know about you?”

“Mom, Wait and watch. G.A., tell me, what is my father’s name?”

“SUPERMAN.” Came the answer. Mom jumped up from the chair, “I’m married to a SUPERMAN?” she scurried away out into the open muttering something that suspiciously sounded like a curse on G.A.

“Sing me a song.” I said sadly, I couldn’t just convince mom about G.A. she sang —

“Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday, we love you”

Something that sounded like a conch horn blared at the end of the song. I did a frantic move, and knocked Google assistant (G.A.) flat.

Hope you enjoyed your read. Have you talked with your Google assistant before?

Here is a chance to prove the comedian in you. Tell me the funniest question you can think of asking to your Google assistant at #thefunnybonechallenge   put up your ideas in the comments section. Repeat the hashtag while you reply. The winner’s answer and name will be featured in my next blog article.






30 replies on “LIKE A FAMILY”

Superb situ… Enjoyed a lot… 👌
So here is my quest to GA, “how can you become rich in 1 week” 😄


I hv tried and become tired many times… 😂😂
And heres my question…
Do you have a girl friend/boy friend?


Here is my question for google assistant”How can i pass my exams without studying anything?????☺️☺️”


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