The winner of #funnybonechallenge is Prajith M S and Milan Manuel Joy. both of them came up with funny questions and Google assistant too was not bad. Prajith asked, “how to become rich in one week.”ย  G.A. told not to spend money on unnecessary stuff :)). Milan’s question was, “how to pass exams without studying anything?” G.A. advised him to eat fruits and vegetables :)). Congrats to both the winners. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚


Whatโ€™s more fun than having your family with you and touring the pink city of Rajasthan far and large? Thatโ€™s exactly what I have been doing during the Chris hols.

The frozen city put my body into instant happiness. The forts, palaces, shopping markets, everything was absolutely cool stuff. It was yet another travel experience, I enjoyed various silly blunders to heart- wrenching beauty and fun.

It was a very unfamiliar land, though situated in India, I wonder how different there culture is from ours. On the second day of our visit, we heard about the famous street-food vendor near our room. We did not stop to think twice.

During the witchy hours of late night, covered from head to foot with what-notโ€™s, we rode toward this so-called street-food vendor. The cold winds got right through the bones and sent chills down the spine. We ordered the renowned North Indian dish โ€˜Pav Bhajiโ€™ .

I put it in my mouth and felt that there was nothing much better than running around the street without a sweater or anything and freezing my tongue flat. It was something like take-the-chill-away food. I bared my nose and ears as the hot and spicy meal slipped into my tummy. I somehow managed to finish it and that my friends, is my greatest ability.

Suddenly it seemed that the cold was nothing. The witchy hour passed and I was still hanging my tongue like a dog. My dad too was awed by the spice, he was really, and he suggested that we have some โ€˜MADKI KULFA SITTING IN THE JARโ€™. โ€œWhat?โ€ I and my mum jumped.

โ€œSorry, I meant โ€˜MADKA KULFI SITTING IN THE CARโ€™โ€ dad admitted. Then we had fits of laughter and the spicy feeling fled away and the freezing winds reverted.

On yet another food hunt, we found ourselves in an auto-rickshaw driven by an old man who kept rotating and chewing his mouth clockwise and then anti clockwise (Yeah! I saw that). He probably misunderstood the hotel where we were supposed to go that he ended up taking us on a round trip and left us exactly where we started. The driver did not mind to confess that it was a mistake, took the money and drove away into the unknown leaving us looking like lost puppies.

I was suddenly reminded of G.A. (You might know her by now) I asked her where we were supposed to go to find this restaurant. She said, โ€œGo straight take a left and you will reach your destination in one minute by foot.โ€ Wow, a nasty surprise.

After a few days, we were back rejuvenated and replenished by the trip. A lot to learn in one tour. On our return, I still remember these small accidents, now a memory, and laugh at myself. After all, these little funny things keep us alight in the joy of having a family that shares your pleasure and different aspects of Ife.




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