I happened to see this meme that quoted, “I love dreaming, because dream is better than reality.” It took me some time to capture that I simply disagreed with that statement. (No offense whoever posted that?)


Recently, since there’s much lesser things to think about, the reason of course being that I am having summer vacation, I feel mostly light- headed and this exactly is why my dreams are more vivid and weird (not quite the word to describe it.)

A particularly purple- bordered 100 pound (or more) yellow snake crept through the garden wall as I was supposedly walking through the porch. Without much enthusiasm I called, “Mom, huge snake.” No answer. Hmm. Now, cute little cobras were sprouting on the gracefully swerving weird snake body. I edged towards the snake in an attempt to touch that silky hide.

Then, KA- BOOM, it was morning. It’s really irritating when you stop dead right at the moment which you anticipated the most. Still slightly disappointed, I got- on with my activities.

Exactly on that day, am not lying, my mom told me that a snake somehow had slithered into my house garden. This was totally impossible because a countless number of mongoose kept patrolling through the house contours. I almost had a heart attack when mom told me that it was a yellow serpent (relieved to find it had no purple in it.) I offered special prayers to the snake god that day. If this was supposed to be scary, I was not.

A lot of free time meant, a lot of time to nap and a lot of day-dreams. I was even able to continue day dream that I had left unfinished later at night like pausing and playing a movie. I was able to view the whole episode of me getting trampled into an invisible wall, a tree getting uprooted right above me…..well! You get the idea!

I felt feverish and was scared stiff when I woke up. Even after freshening up I couldn’t shake the dreadful ideas that had popped up in my reverie.

This was when I saw the Facebook meme.

That post shook me very much. In reality you and I can forget the past, live in the present amend the future. And living in the midst of the painstaking things that we cannot change……the concept itself seems horrible.

Dreams can be either too tempting or too dreary or terrifying. The too-good-to-be-true hallucinations are like the Mirror of Erised (the mirror that shows what we most want in our life but is mostly impossible) while the fearful ones is simply a mixture of the things that we dread the most.

But dreams can never be better than reality and that IS the reality and to compare between dream and realism is beyond compare.







43 replies on “DREAM WORLD”

Dreams are sometimes driving force towards success. As Dr APJ Kalam said Dream is not what you see in sleep but is the thing which doesn’t allow you to sleep.
May God fulfill all your dreams. Continue writing…..


I’m borrowing the famous quote of our dearest APJ sir, “Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep.” “Dreams are not those which comes while we are sleeping, but dreams are those when u don’t sleep before fulfilling them.”…
സ്വപ്‌നങ്ങൾ ചിലപ്പോൾ യാഥാർഥ്യങ്ങളെക്കാൾ സുന്ദരങ്ങളാണ്.. നല്ല ചിന്ത, നല്ല എഴുത്ത്… ഇനിയും നല്ല ചിന്തകളും നല്ല എഴുത്തുകളും ഉണ്ടാകട്ടെ !!


Dear Shreya…. I love your writings…. But I would encourage you to dream and to desire…. Make reverie a way of life…. Unless somebody thought of reaching across the oceans we would all be still natives of a single continent…. Dare…. Be a rebel in your ideas, embrace the conviction in your heart…. Today’s dream is tomorrow’s reality….


I too sometimes see small happenings in dreams come true,like travelling through certain places..And I am scared of dreams sometimes…
I wish you have wonderful dreams that come true in your life.keep writing.


Weird dreams are part of everyone’s life at some point of time. However only few get the flair in writing them. You have it in you and I like it. Keep Writing.


It is really nice the way you bring in a totally new perspective to a long-established idea. Keep thinking/dreaming and make your summer vacations fun and productive.. proud of you Situkutti..


Dear Situ,
After reading what you wrote abiut a dream I slowly started reconnecting an epochal book by Dr Sigmund Freud called Interpretation of Dreams. Its a very large volume. Freud said never disclose what you dreamt because the interpretations differ from person to person. Keep this aside. Yiu write well. Better use instead if heart attack….my heart skipped a beat.

Who is responsible to churn the reality to dreams…none other than a creative mind. Making reality dreamlike is divinity not vice versa. Keep going……
Achu valiacha


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