“What’s your worth?” I inquired to G.A (Google Assistant)

“Google is 13682 crores USD worth.” Tad came the answer shortly after I asked her the question.

“Wow” I gasped.

“Keep the phone away.” My mom chided. “A minute.” I pleaded. “Now!”

The mobile crash- landed on the sofa as I put it down and mom almost crushed me for that. “Why can’t I just have the phone for a couple of minutes more mom?” I said resentfully. “If only you were utilizing this time for something worthwhile.” She said and I pursed my mouth and marched out into the open.

The chilled evening air of the late monsoon hit me full in the face. My dearest ginger cat lay huddled on the carpet greeting me with a rather airy “meow” and the mother and father birds who were having a tough time annoying the cat, let out a loud cry of terror as I approached. This was my favorite time of the day.

Fragments of black clouds were now taking over the dreamy- blue sky. In a moment, drizzle- drizzle, the rain had started dropping large water globules. I suddenly realised that I was holding my much-respected wrist- watch. Though labelled with a sign saying ‘water-proof’ I mistrusted the time piece. Taking large strides I got back inside in a jiffy.

I rubbed the rain- drops spotted over the watch with the hem of my tee and did not fail to notice the price tag etched over the stainless steel back.

Yet again I happened to realize that the world was behind the worth of belongings rather than understanding what they are worth of.

My very bright cousin happened to visit us recently. I was at once delighted to have her company because she being a voyager over a vast collection of books, is a good narrator of facts and specifics. That day she proceeded onto asking me questions which she described as ‘neither G.K nor current affairs’. I gave a sigh of relief as she took onto querying psychological questions regarding one’s self.

That day it struck to me that I do not know even 1% of me.

There will only be a few who question their self- worth now and then, and even fewer who can answer it. Suddenly it was clear that it was this ability to question one’s own identity that people lacked the most and yet needed the most.

Immersed in the world of social media and what- not, trying to understand what other people are worth, we waste away the little time that we have to spare for our self. Mom had meant this all along when I had whiled away the crucial moments that should have been devoted to ‘me’.

Me- time has turned out to be a much needed exercise and I was not ready to compromise it for something much less important than that.

Now as the clouds were moving away from the sky and the drip- drip became occasional, I clambered back amidst the nature where I could lose myself in thoughts.

“What’s your worth?” I asked again, but this time it was directed to myself.





34 replies on “WHAT’S YOUR WORTH?”

Dear Shreya kutty!!
Your thoughts are more worthy than diamonds ! A unique blend of creativity and imagination!! Keep on inspiring!!


It’s true we don’t have time to analyse our worth or to know what I am. I am also thinking to think about myself after reading your write-up. Thanks Shreya…..


എന്നിട്ട് കിട്ടിയോ ഉത്തരം?
Just joking! Wonderful article!god bless!


Wow… No words to express👌👍…in fact, everyone shd ask themselves…. What’s your worth??!!!…. Truly inspiring 😊


Yes! Thats what our culture has always told the world…. INTROSPECT… Unfortunately we dont care. Hope ur writing will inspire all


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