Little sparkles on my ear. I had become obsessed with the idea of having a tiny speck of sparkle on the ears, over a fortnight. There was no particular motivation for my obsession over it. But the fact became obvious that it made my ear shine and anything that shines catch my notice.

Only a couple of hours ago, little sparkles entered my life. But if it hadn’t been for my mother, little sparkles would have been shimmering in some of the undetected part of its origin store.

I had voiced my wish to pierce my ear a second time to my mom and she encouraged me for the same. The seriousness of the so- called task entered my mind just as I mounted on the scooter on my way to the “piercer”. A wave of fear and thrill momentarily washed all my thoughts away.

Mom had mentioned that they gunned the earring in and now the fear hugged my heart tight. I was reminded of Tom Cruise pointing an AK 47 wearing a sacred expression of pure terror. “Mom I cannot. I can’t.” I got down as fast as I had mounted on the bike.

Mom was wearing an annoyed look. “Whatever it is, once you start something, don’t even think about dodging it.” She said. New enthusiasm slowly removed the clasps of fear about my heart. I was ready.

As the cold damp air cut my hair and the warm rays of the sun draped my skin, my thoughts flashed back. Back then when my baby ears were to be pierced, mom was too anxious to watch. Her fear was so dense that she handed me to grandma and asked her instead to go for the ear pierce. Not a drop of tear was shed and I had smiled all along the process.

That brought me back to the present and my silly attitude made me laugh.

“Mom aren’t you scared that I am going to pierce my ear again?” I inquired. “Um… I would rather enjoy the look of fright on your face.” She concluded with a sarcastic smile. I was reminded that change is a factor of time.

Little sparkles caught my attention as soon as I saw it, love at first sight, as it was. The piercer itself seemed to be an experienced hand and nothing like the man of terror I had imagined. “Hold on” he said and then three thuds of the cracking cartilage, “over” he announced.

I blinked in disbelief. The time that I had been dreading as well as anticipating got over as fast as a blink. My thoughts of joy moved aside as mom’s words reverberated in my ears.

Perhaps, it is the depths of fear that create heights of joy. But a small experience and a humongous message. Life is a hurdle-filled staircase with numerous chances to sidestep but just one straight way to reach the top.

Little sparkles had made my thoughts more meaningful and I was happy for that. Little sparkles now sparked with a meaningful glow of light.



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