Every time the best days are a fast forward, despite that why is there no mechanism to rewind it?

Every time I closed my eyes I slept, and every time I slept, I dreamt, of the beautiful memories that I am sure will be my sweet dream as well as a nightmare.

What had been a lifetime longing was transformed into a longing memory through the past couple of days. The tenth class excursion had its own lessons to teach.


Every time I went past the suitcase I dropped one thing or the other into it and the excitement of the trip rose until it choked me. I posed a vigorous set of questions about the plan to mom who was accompanying me for the school trip as a teacher (though it nagged me a bit) and was left unsettled at answers that were let hanging.

My bones were as tough as steel as I carried the luggage and threw it into the lot in the bus that we were ready to travel on. On enquiry, I found that all my friends were having a burst of energy too. The woofers blared a heart throbbing set of songs and all of us went wild dancing, flipping and flopping with the energy that had been stored since the beginning of the year.

Our first stop was Coorg and the morning fog made the visibility pretty tough. Morning smiles were captured and every move was cautious so as not to get a laughable pose in the camera. My friends and I had a good time talking and dressing up in a hurry.

Exhausted by the days’ activities we ended up shopping in the beautiful golden markets of the renowned tourist place. Shopping and gobbling went hand in hand. Shopkeepers were trailing behind the curious customers but much to my relief nobody followed me and much of my friends, perhaps because we looked like blood-thirsty vampires from the blood-red ice candies we had had.

We went into a rather short sleep that night as the next day’s fun lay unknown. The next day, at Chikmagalur, we were rushed into jeeps that would take us to the peaks. The jeep we were seated carried nine others and the Principal herself.

As we jerked our way through the hills, a sense of competition hit me and my companions. Our loud screeches as we overtook the other jeeps motivated our driver to drive as fast as a hurricane. I couldn’t distinguish between flying and driving as we drifted past everyone to be the first.

We were rather pushed out into the open and the jeeps rushed to the parking so that we didn’t climb back, I wouldn’t complain if anyone did so either because we were presented with a long trail of a 400 steps carved in stone and named Baba budangiri. At last with a triumphant smile, shaky legs and light heads we visited the peaks, got wet in the cold rain and dried up in the damp wind.

The wind rattled the bones and one of my dauntless friend got an ice cream in the teeth-chattering cold. Severe scolding followed as the teachers classified my friend irrational to have bought such a delicacy in the frost. After a few seconds it was the same girl who pointed towards the group of teachers mischievously rolling kulfi in their palms with icy grins as they caught us looking.

We wetted our feet at honnamana halla falls (try not to laugh). I slept with a feeling that it was the best day, boy! was I  wrong!!!

Excitement was at its peak as we knew that it was the snow park day and the DJ day. We whispered in the dead of night about the upcoming events and woke up in the first ring of the alarm.

For god’s sake, if they had told us about the first stop at Mysore, we’d have rather jumped down the suicide point at Baba Budangiri. With a toothy smile the drivers said that we must climb just about an 800 steps. Heavily breathing and hanging our tongues out, we proceeded only to find a rather short lithe figure smiling victoriously and casually running up the steps charming with innocent fun. Our Principal left our mouths open and the cold wind didn’t help close it shut.

Shivers ran down the spine, at long last we were at the SNOW PARK!!! “You are now entering -10*C” the speaker lady warned. All my complaints about not having an ice cream fled as boot- flavoured savoury ice smacked my face hard and entered the mouth on a silent mission. The whole of an hour went on with brain cracking throws of a new-found delicious joy.

Feet like needle prickles, we ran over the gardens of the Mysore palace and then as if to forever bid a goodbye to these beautiful moments, we went to our last destination- the DJ night.

With dance moves ranging from awkward to graceful to insane, the DJ beats and the DJ moves moved into my already heavy heart for painstakingly adding to the beautiful memories which were going to be my nightmares for the upcoming days.

After all these beautifully short days, exhaustion hit us hard in the face not to erase it forever but to add to its splendour. The whole trip didn’t last even as long as I took to tell about it.

And that brings me to the present day sipping a cup of coffee and staring hard at the distant silhouettes of hills, memories were pouring all through my mind.

That excursion has made us more intimate, closer to Mother Nature, closer to friends, closer to memories, closer to fun…..

But yet again the recollections pricks somewhere in the heart and yearning becomes stronger every moment. Then again that is what make experiences, memories.




30 replies on “TIME TRAVEL”

Yes Shreya, we really enjoyed the tour….
These memories are going to stay in my mind forever…☺☺☺
Had fun reading your article…😊😊😊


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