Oh! The god,

That powerful, graceful god,

Oh! His eyes that look around, tranquil yet bold.

Surging strength, his arms that declared.


His unshaking love makes me speechless,

His piercing stare that wraps my mind; fearless,

My clouded thoughts becomes spotless,

My feared fears are pointless.


Yet, I search for him day and night,

Oh! With all my strength and all my might.

I look around and spot not a thing,

That would give me an upheaval or a heart spring.


Oh! Then I look in,

Into my heart and into my soul,

There lay him, a breath-taking smile on his lips, thin,

Oh! The god has come, the god Iโ€˜d been searching for.


Well, he has not come from anywhere,

Iโ€™d been searching everywhere, but he had always been there,

Residing in my heart, in my soul, there,

Beaming with one of those smiles, rare.


Oh! That powerful graceful god is in me,

The key to joy, he is in me,

All the dare to rub away the fear, is in me,

Only Iโ€™ve to look, I had to see, in me.




34 replies on “HIM”

Excellent…sreya molu..lovely thoughts. The God whom we search elsewhere are within us..beautiful..there is a fitting song too..keep writing molu…you are really .blessed.


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