This chapter about natural resources caught my eye as I was running my way through the portions for the next day’s exam.

Tucking the book in my arms, I marched out on a mission to find a spot for my mind to concentrate. Beneath the lush green canopy peppered with new mango blooms there were little dauntless birds waiting to simply feel the delight of munching into the early worms sticking their heads out of the mud. The magpie-robins endemic to my home, who were excitedly chirping about their new-found house gasped in terror as I neared the garden chair they were perched on.

As I sat heavily with all those books on the armchair, I scared the life out of the ants that were busy building their nest. This was the perfect place for me to study about “Management of Natural resources.”

My green friends were dancing to the rhythms of the late wintry-winds. The wind was in every way similar to a gale. Clusters of forlorn leaves fell over me, but I didn’t mind for I was earnestly preparing for the next day’s exam.

Within a couple of hours I not only accomplished finishing the lesson about natural resources but also completed another two. With deep satisfaction in my mind I headed for the next day’s exam.

The excitement of the closing exam drenched wet with the anxiety of the upcoming board exam. Nevertheless, I decided to take a break from studies for a day for the hard work I had committed to, in the past fortnight.

Paulo Coelho had once said, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Well in my case, the ‘rest’ that I had yearned for lasted way more than I dreamt for.

Within my interaction with nature I had inherited one of those guests that I had never invited. A guest always inconspicuous to man. An alien invasion in my body.

Cold, cough and fever followed and the bed transformed into my momentary heaven. Some of my friends even hypothesized that I was suffering from a deadly form of virus (corona or similar). I felt hazy and my days became lazy.

Within two days I was at the brink of recovery when I went back to enjoying the misty night watching the programmes at the School Annual Day which I found impossible to miss. Well, you might as well guess as to what followed, the invisible life-form were back in a jiffy and I welcomed them with open arms (they came in even before I did that).

Sometimes, I realised, a ‘discreet’ something can cause a much more melodramatic effect than we had dreamt of. We have got to accept that these invisible forces are far beyond our control. Well, it takes a storm for us to comprehend things. The world is shaking with the fear of corona and many are losing lives.

Now, as I sat sipping a mug of hot coffee, the aliens were slowly fading away from my body………

I felt my throat tingle as I heard my mom cough a couple of times………




21 replies on “ALIEN INVASION”

Wow! Climax, Shreya, worth reading it. Congrats dear. Very fabulous. Keep up. May you become a great awesome writer one day……


Good one molu! But be careful that ur board exams are nearing. ഇപ്പൊ തല്ക്കാലം aliens നെ ഒന്നും രണ്ടു കൈയ്യും നീട്ടി welcome ചെയ്യണ്ട ട്ടോ 😂😂


Good observation shreya.i think the same alien invaded to ur mom’s body also.may God bless to get rid of all sort of aliens from ur well and all the best for ur upcoming exams.


I liked the way you are spending sometime for writing now which is a stress reliever for your exams. Get well soon and all the very best for your exams.


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