This poem is trying to depict the contradictions felt by a person isolated from humanity or in simple words, fallen into the trap of depression. Each situation, sparks within him a tiny bit of hope which is almost immediately replaced by the sorrow that rests deep within him.


What is that distant hum I hear?

Is it the long lost humanity that speaks?

Or is it my severed soul singing?


The tiny beam of light that I see,

Is it a ray of hope?

Or is it the power of the teeming darkness?


The drops that falls on my palm,

Is it the rain from the heavens?

Or is it my own toxic tears.


The words that my lips pronounce,

Is it a merry song I sing?

Or is it my hollow chatter?


The dreading weight on my chest,

Is it a swell of hope I feel?

Or is it the burden of my grief?


My limbs that are slack against my bones,

Is it from the efforts of chasing my dreams?

Or is the pain of running away from them?


The blood that gushes through my veins,

Is it from the courage that I used to feel?

Or is it the cowardice I had fallen into.


The final smile that parted my lips,

Was it the breath of my victory?

Or was it my own escaping life?


Being alone doesn’t make you lonely, but being lonely can make you alone.

This circumstance has brought with it even a greater threat than the virus itself. Loneliness. It is not an illness, it is a feeling than can be cured.

This pandemic period, keep your relationships taut, be there for each other even in the worst of times.














33 replies on “DESOLATION”

Well written, Shreya! The contradictions are beautifully portrayed. excellent improvement from your previous pieces of writing.


Very relevant in today’s times. Lets remind ourselves and everyone around us that is positivity is much more infectious than any virus😊 Keep writing👍


Well done Sreya…. 🌹🌹🌹… It is very apt for present situation… I am waiting for next one.. 😊😊


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