The damp afternoon wind warped up by the unduly showers was clambering through the bones making me numb and cold. The hearty mid-day meal triggered my drowsy eyelids, making it flutter in an uncontrolled manner.

Sleep was threatening to take over my half-conscious self but my hands kept me awake as it was sprinting through the long white book unaware of what was happening to my head. I wanted to laugh at my uncoordinated hands and brain but it was difficult because I was trying to focus on the screen.

Almost all my online classes in the afternoon went like this. Not that I wasn’t listening, I do, and take notes and stuff, but somehow it all seemed unearthly.

From time to time, I tried to find reality by checking the class chat box in which my classmates’ names were proudly labelled. The comments usually went like-

Yes ma’am, no ma’am or clear ma’am or buffering or failed to load…an annoying thread of chat for the teachers but a rejuvenating one for us. Those perfectly synchronized chats, however small, is a humongous treat to the eyes, provided that you have not met them for over 6 months now.

“YOUR VIDEO’S STUCK!!!” I had bellowed in mom’s ear one night (as explained by her in the morning). The last trace of sleep that had desperately come her way flew into the dark night. This was only one of the many ways that the online classes were affecting me and arguably my mom too. My dreams are more thrilling than the TV series my grandmother watch.

It hurts to remind oneself that whatever had once been under our control is now totally out of control.

No matter how many times the virus will undergo mutation, human minds are far more adapted to changing circumstances. It is one of our power to find a silver lining, no matter how small. It’s difficult to have a hearty day, but it’s not difficult to find packets of happiness in this dark void.

Life’s sluggish in this unfathomable dark times of the world. Each soul is praying for the end of the war with this vast clan of tiny warriors, it will happen only if we fight it our own small way.