The smoky clouds parted,
Like her lips, before she’d departed,
The muddy earth parted,
As he dug the grave for his beloved.

Wisps of muddy fragrance blended about,
As if his dear lady was around,
The shovel sliced through the mud,
Like the sorrow in his heart.

The milky moon showered white,
Like her existence had, once,
But the sky was dark and blank,
Like the lover’s heart.

The trees swayed on their tiptoes,
Like her lovely hair had, once,
The wind howled through the night,
Like his quivering voice.

The rain fell in painful drops,
Like the trailing tears on his cheek.

The eerie quiet embraced him,
Like his beloved had once.

Thank you for reading, Do let me know your thoughts about this! Stay safe☺️💜